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Water is not going to drain with actual plants growing on your roof.

Not keeping the drains clean creates flooding water and a lot of weight and stress to the roof structure.

The EPDM roof has pulled away from flashings. This has created seams to come apart. Old patches have tried to remedy the situation and been unsuccessful. Underneath is ruined insulation and rusted out batten strips- all of which need to be replaced

Sun's harmful ultraviolet rays have dried out this Smooth BUR roof surface. If not properly repaired or maintained, this can cause leaks and even major roof replacement.

Improper repairs to the EPDM roof allows water to enter roof system.

Poor maintenance leads to leaking skylights and a deteriorating, rusted metal roof.

Rust-thru in the metal roof is just starting to occur. Even though your roof might not be leaking, there still can be water getting into your insulation.

This roof penetration has been improperly maintained. Old patching has dried, cracked and curled up. Water has entered underneath the old patching creating rust and leakage

Severe rust thru has occurred on this metal roof due to lack of roof maintenance. This has created severe roof leakage and new metal needs to be installed.

Loose fasteners may seem minor, but if not taken care of, water will enter creating damage to the inside of your building and its contents

Typical problems that can become major issues if not taken care of quickly!

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