Hecei Roof Coating Systems offers three (3) standard programs with solutions designed to meet your specific needs and budget

Roof Leak Repair Program

   This program is designed to identify, repair, and document current leak issues

Roof Repair & Maintenance Program- Five (5) Year Warranty

   This program is designed for roofs not yet requiring a complete roof coating system. However, it provides a complete watertight system. A comprehensive inspection and assessment is included with attention to both existing and potential problem areas

Full Coating and Restoration Program- Ten (10) Year Warranty

   This program is designed for roofs that are not at the point of replacement, but serious restoration is needed. Through proper repairs and coating, this program provides a very sustainable and reflective roof system, thus extending the life of your roof!

Warranted Roof Programs include:

  • Comprehensive on-site inspection
  • Checklist identifying existing and potential problems
  • Detailed scope of work
  • Roof Drawing
  • Photos
  • Cost, warranty, and terms proposal


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Extend the Life of your Roof!
Save Money!


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