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    Hecei Roof Coating Systems offers three (3) standard programs with solutions designed to meet your specific needs and budget:​
*Roof Leak Repair Program

​​    This program is designed to identify, repair, and document current leak issues

*Roof Repair & Maintenance Program- Five (5) Year Warranty

​​    This program is designed for roofs not yet requiring a complete roof coating system. However, it provides a complete watertight system. A comprehensive inspection and assessment is included with attention to both existing and potential problem areas

*Full Coating and Restoration Program- Ten (10) & Fifteen (15) Year Warranty

​​    This program is designed for roofs that are not at the point of replacement, but serious restoration is needed. Through proper repairs and coating, this program provides a very sustainable and reflective roof system, thus extending the life of your roof!

Warranted Roof Programs include:
  • Comprehensive on-site inspection
  • Checklist identifying existing and potential problems
  • Detailed scope of work
  • Roof Drawing
  • Photos
  • Cost, warranty, and terms proposal












Service tech inspecting commercial flat roof
Maintain your Building Investment!
Extend the Life of your Roof!
Save Money!
Roof service technician doing a core cut to check for wet insulation in the roof system

FREE roof inspection and

detailed analysis!

call/text: (216) 513-6722

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